The Diamond Standard for Digital Asset Rights Management.Heera Digital brings digital rights management, IP protection, asset uniqueness intelligence, anti-theft and key loss protection, succession planning, and much more to the NFT universe.
What is Heera DigitalHeera (noun.\hEE-rah\) Diamond in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages.
Just as a gemcutter produces perfection from raw diamonds, Heera Digital is a suite of services built to maximize the value of digital assets and NFTs. Heera Protocol, Johri (jeweller) Oracle, Taraash (craftsman) API, and Khazana (treasure) Vault combine to turn your NFTs into gems.
For CreatorsProve NFT rarity and provenance, manage and assign rights to NFTs, actively guard against copycats, charge a premium for your heera!
For CollectorsKnow what you are buying, access analytics on NFT asset uniqueness value potential, protect against theft and loss, and designate successors.
For MarketplacesIntegrate our proprietary minting, reminting, and rights assignment, management and protection services into your platform through Taraash API.
MINTHeera ProtocolOur proprietary AI powered backend and smart contract protocol for issuance, rights management and protection of digital assets and NFTs.We seamlessly combine computer vision, deep learning, legal frameworks and tokenization for digital asset management from origin to end.
johri oracle
APPRAISEJohri OracleOur gateway to off-chain data on the provenance, uniqueness and rights associated with digital assets.Johri Oracle scours web2 and web3 to index images, AV files, 3D assets, NFTs issued and more to inform creators and collectors on-chain actions.
INTEGRATETaraash APIAre you an NFT marketplace, digital asset exchange, DeFi protocol, or a developer wanting to leverage our services?Heera Digital provides novel provenance, persistence and protection services for digital assets and NFTs that will take your mint, remint, transfer and custody operations to the next level.
MANAGEKhazana Vault
Rights RegistryThe ultimate repository of digital asset rights tied with physical and digital identities.
Loss PreventionManaged services for protection against theft and accidental loss.
Asset PersistenceMint and collect NFTs with assets that last forever.
Successor ManagementFuture-proof your digital wealth by assigning and enforcing successors.
Learn more about, integrate or build on Heera Digital.Our offerings are ever expanding and under active R&D. Find out about the current release of Heera Protocol, Johri Oracle, Taraash API and Khazana Vault.